Vamos A Buenos Aires

Proof of onward travel
 It’s raining on the drive and traffic on the 405 is moderate for 7 pm on a Friday night; i.e. It’s sprinkling and the road is bumper to bumper. Californians and rain are like Seattleites and snow, just  



 pathetic and crippling. The goal was to be dutifully at the ticket counter 2 hours early as advised, to avoid the India debacle of 2014, or the Asian shitshow of 2010, or pretty much any attempt at being on time for an international flight. After my ill advised advice of the the HOV lane on a Friday night, 1 mangled car wreck, 1000’s of Asian drivers slowly navigating the rain speckled road, and 2 photo shoots requested by Motherdear, we were in line 2 hours and twenty minutes early, Thank you Erica.

  Having just dropped our last load at storage, placed the car in the storage lot, had a last supper at Bearflag, secured and printed our Argentina visas, we were feeling confident in our preparedness. Alas, Avianca Air put us in our places, as per tradition. 45 minutes waiting in que, 1 little pobrécito (fleeing the line hand over mouth only to puke in line just before making it outside the ropes), $2800.00 in refundable one way tickets to Peru (thanks Brotherbear) 1 hour of ticket counter hassle, 45 minutes to spare, we were happy to find our way onto our flight to San Salvador. Having been assigned seats D, E, and K in row 38, we were pleased to find that all three were together and in fact the rear seats do decline. I’d like to thank my good friend Nick Schmidt for his efforts in interior lighting design at Boeing, as the mood lighting above the window and isle kept me fast asleep for the entire six hours. Gracias Amigo.

 I’ve often been asked these last few days of my upcoming plans for S. America, I feel like I can’t give a thorough answer, as our plans have only been planned up til Monday at 1 pm. After that we have 9 weeks until Brotherbear flies back to the states for a week of R and R (Drums Wedding) away from me and my many annoyances, which of late has been my body odor. I digress, on Monday we will be meeting with a German couple on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, and negotiating the purchase of their 1988 Dodge Ram Hightop Camper van. Tuesday we have to acquire our car insurance for the next 4 months and that afternoon I believe we’ll be cruising down the Atlantic coast on our way to see Penguins in the Tierra Del Fuego Province. We once met a bartender in Thailand who said his second job was working to help the Penguins afflicted by global warming, apparently they tip over and can’t get up on their own, we intend to volunteer to help all the Penguins back to their feet. Thanks for the tip Tyson. 

 As I sit here in San Salvador awaiting our flight to Lima and then our connection to Buenos Aires, the trip is starting to feel real. I only have half a bag of sour candy left, and it’s going fast. I’m hoping that Argentinians have more of a sour tooth than Asians because I really can’t imagine going another 4 month span with high fructose sour gummies. That and how fortunate I am to be able to be traveling for the next 4 months with awesome friends and invariably those friends I haven’t met yet. 


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