Un Hora Más 

The sky is gloriously grey today, providing us with a false sense of relief from the unrelenting heat and humidity of the highly regarded Colonial sweatbox that is known as Cartagena de Indias. I’ve just received word from the kind, shapely receptionist that the anti-narcotic inspector who was to meet me here at Puerto Bahia, just shy of an hour south of the city center, … Continue reading Un Hora Más 

Fly High Colombia

The three of us sat outside the van relaxing in the shade of a large Colombian mango tree, having just finished up our typical pre-nap meal of Empanadas and ice cream, discussing the previous evenings forray into Colombian nightlife. That particular Sunday was our first full day-off, our seventh day of paragliding school, our tenth day of the second leg of our Savvlinvan journey. it … Continue reading Fly High Colombia