Feliz Navidad

It’s Christmas Eve here in winter bound Billings Montana, with the 20+ inches of snow on the ground and another storm forecasted for tonight, there is a one hundred percent chance of the Sloan family waking up to a white Christmas. This afternoon we’ll go to Christmas mass, eat Pork Loin for dinner, and all fall asleep anxiously awaiting the morning, which will bring breakfast … Continue reading Feliz Navidad

Colombian Snow

As we see the snow piling up in the motherland we take this time to share our story of seeing old snow in tropical Colombia just two weeks ago. Incessantly the roosters scream out, back and forth, only occasionally broken by the howls of the local street dogs, fog shrouds the Forrest canopy, threatening to crawl down the valley, potentially obscuring our magnificent view, and … Continue reading Colombian Snow