Never Go Full Savvler

Savvlinvan Goes Savvler Blazing along the water our small craft careened in and out of deep banking turns, navigating the narrow ribbonlike channels of river, weaved tightly through the dense tropical jungle. As the captain slowed for varying species of exotic birds, the birders among us eagerly snapped photos and dogeared the pages in their guidebooks, whilst we swilled rum, enjoying catching up after nearly … Continue reading Never Go Full Savvler

Volunteer Virgin Rainforest Clearing

Walking in the heat of the day down the central sidewalk that meanders through the bustling beachside tourist Mecca of Placencia, sweat pours from our pores, flowing like the summer rains that traditionally arrive here in Belize in early June. As the final days of April wind down here on the peninsula, the heat ratchets to a degree that conjures up the fabled heat of … Continue reading Volunteer Virgin Rainforest Clearing