Raj the Guide Mon

My name is Raj, I am 35 years old, and I am professional backpacking guide in the Cordillera Blanca Norte, deep within the heart of The Andes in Northern Peru. I consider myself first, and foremost, a linguist; I speak 6 languages including Spanish, English, German, Hebrew, French and my native Incan tongue Quecha. Over the past 21 years I’ve come to specialize in leading … Continue reading Raj the Guide Mon

Bolivian Shocker

There are times when it’s preferred that we are traveling slowly, down dirt tracks, exploring the vastness of the countryside, oppositely there are the times that you abruptly blow out a shock in a Bolivian pothole minefield going 80 kilometers an hour. After a chilly, restless sleep at 14,500 feet in the Sajama valley, we awoke to our cholita hitch hiking grandma herding her llamas … Continue reading Bolivian Shocker

Patagucci Slum City 

English is predominant, pataguucci prevalent, craft beer on chill, here we sit in the comfort of a warm, cozy bar, playing Catan, and casually drinking seven dollar liters of vino tinto. It’s six PM, the game is unusually tense, and our view is of Lago Nordenskjöld, we are 19km into our attempt at the fabled “W” trek in Parque National Torres Del Paine. Here is … Continue reading Patagucci Slum City 

Rio Azul

   The side window was open, a gentle warm breeze was blowing across the surface of the Rio Azul cooling and blowing through the screen onto my face. There we were parked on a dirt road not to far out from the town of El Bolson, a dusty mountain town bustling with tourists in the peak of summer season. The day reminded me of eastern … Continue reading Rio Azul