Gone Trekkin

Andrew and Brian are sorting their laundry, packing their clothes and gathering together their gear for our first trek, Cerro Catedral. Marlie is cutting up the last of our fresh vegetables for a balsamic avocado bruschetta, as I sit in the front passenger seat wrapped in a blanket, writing and taking in the view of the surrounding lakes with approaching low lying clouds obscuring and … Continue reading Gone Trekkin

Rico Suave

Rico Suave There is a movement in Tango dancing where the partners match each other’s side step like the karaoke agility warm-up, all the while keeping their chins up, chest to breast, arms locked and extended forward. The athleticism of the dancers is apparent with the fluidity of their movement, and the passion apparent as their incessant eye contact. Rico would have a shot at … Continue reading Rico Suave