Our over-the-water cabana’s over-the-water patio, nearest land to the East is Cuba Solo in in the HOV lane, cruising 10 mph over the speed limit, blinders fully engaged, blocking the pissed off stares and looks of jealously, of my timid fellow commuters. Podcast waves rolling through the torched speakers of my 2001 Subaru forester, drowning out various rattling noises left over from last months smash-job, an icy/spicy/dicey slide off of Jackson Creek Road, through a snowbank and into the comforting … Continue reading Resurrection

No Time For Perfect Places

The paved road nearly reaches the destination, but ‘nearly’ never does. The road south from Liberia is littered with large overloaded sugar cane trucks rumbling and swaying their way to the refineries, leaving a trail of slithering sugar cane stalks in their wake. As we weaved in and out of the trucks and cane snakes, the wind gusted and shifted us, reminiscent of the winds … Continue reading No Time For Perfect Places

Feliz Navidad

It’s Christmas Eve here in winter bound Billings Montana, with the 20+ inches of snow on the ground and another storm forecasted for tonight, there is a one hundred percent chance of the Sloan family waking up to a white Christmas. This afternoon we’ll go to Christmas mass, eat Pork Loin for dinner, and all fall asleep anxiously awaiting the morning, which will bring breakfast … Continue reading Feliz Navidad

Bolivian Shocker

There are times when it’s preferred that we are traveling slowly, down dirt tracks, exploring the vastness of the countryside, oppositely there are the times that you abruptly blow out a shock in a Bolivian pothole minefield going 80 kilometers an hour. After a chilly, restless sleep at 14,500 feet in the Sajama valley, we awoke to our cholita hitch hiking grandma herding her llamas … Continue reading Bolivian Shocker